St Peter’s Residence

Sadly one of the St Peter’s residents recently died. We used our session together on the 4th June to celebrate all our wonderful memories of her. We drew our favourite thoughts onto puzzle pieces and then put them together to show that she’d never be forgotten by us. We also did our bit for the local community, litter picking on our walk to and from St Peter’s. It was hard work but the streets look so much smarter now!



On the 18th June we played turn-taking games. Some of the children had to teach the grown-ups how to play them! We all tried Snakes and Ladders, Connect 4 and Pop-up Pirate! We had lots of fun.



23 May 2019

This week we wanted to take advantage of the glorious weather and so, after playing parachute games in the Hall (cat and mouse, ball fling), we enjoyed a picnic lunch together out in the garden and a game of catch with Miss Talbot. What a treat!

One of the St Peter’s residents even sourced a matching walking stick for their Nursery partner, who likes to take and use their stick each week!

One of our St Peter’s partners kindly donated an activity to us. The children were very excited to work with their partners to design the pattern they wanted for their bottle and then, together, used the funnels and scoops to match the coloured sand to their designs. Don’t they look great! The visit was made even better when we enjoyed ice lollies in the sunny gardens after lunch. Yum!

In Nursery this week the children have started learning about a new topic – ‘Space’. We introduced it at St Peter’s too by listening to the story, The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffries. Then the children and their partners designed their own aliens. It was fun choosing how many eyes and mouths they would have! Which one do you like best?!

08 May 2019

During our first session back following the Easter holidays we read the legend of St George. The children and their partners then worked together to decorate their own spiral dragons. Some of them had very fierce roars! 


Before the Easter break we also enjoyed an Easter Egg hunt. The children found the hidden eggs so quickly that we suggested they re-hid them for their partners to find. The St Peter’s partners needed the children’s eagle-eyes to help them find them all…they were very well hidden! 

02 May 2019

We made a special trip to St Peter’s to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. The Nursery children had fun trying to toss pancakes with their partners but nobody wanted the eat those ones as some landed on the floor! We did enjoy eating some freshly cooked ones though, and having a sing-a-long.


27 February 2019

It was our first visit to St Peter’s following the half term holiday and we were excited to see our partners again. We’ve missed them! In Nursery the children have been thinking about how to be more like Jesus and have written Lenten promises. We read the story ‘Superworm’ – it was about minibeast friends working together to save Superworm from the Evil Lizard! Then the children and their partners worked together to decorate their very own tote bag. It was a lovely sunny day so we enjoyed some time out in the garden together too.


30 January 2019

Nursery have enjoyed a further three visits to St Peter’s to meet up with their partners, now firm friends. We have had a superhero Olympics, designing our own medals and knocking down skittles, and a music session learning a very tricky song! This week, to fit in with the Jack and the Beanstalk topic in Nursery, we shared a story and planted our own seeds. We’re hoping to see lots of lovely ‘hair’ on our cress heads next week!

On their second visit to St Peter’s, the nursery children and their partners read ‘Biscuit Bear’ and made their very own biscuit decorations! Everyone’s favourite part of the session was eating them at lunch!

12 December 2018

Nursery have made some new friends – residents at St Peter’s! Our new link with the care home, run by The Little Sisters of the Poor, means that some of our Nursery children can visit their new partners regularly and take part in a variety of activities. In the first week we made festive decorations for our upcoming Christmas fair and enjoyed lunch together. Keep an eye on the gallery for more photo updates!