Educational Visits


The children are fortunate to be taken on a variety of trips throughout their time at school, ranging from visits to places of interest in the local area or using public transport to travel to places further afield, all supporting the curriculum and enhancing the children’s learning. Visits always require additional adult help so please support your child if you can by volunteering to attend. Many of the trips organised are free of charge, but some are not and in these cases parents/carers are asked to contribute to the cost.

School Journey

Year 5 children take part in a 3 day trip directly linked to their curriculum, where they become evacuated children of World War II and have the opportunity to take part in a range of activities to give them first hand experience of this time in history.

Year 6 children go on a 5 day residential trip, which gives the children the chance to be independent and spend time together in a more relaxed environment before going to secondary school.

Trips are organised to enrich the topics being taught in the curriculum. We make regular (annual) trips to Hampton Court, The Science Museum, Littlehampton, The Royal Festival Hall (choir), City Hall (Peer Mediators)

We have had many classes visiting Vauxhall City Farm, Buckingham Palace, The Bank of England, The Jewish Museum, The Houses of Parliament.

We also have a variety of theatre, dance, art and drama workshops throughout the year which take place in school.