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Paying School Dinner Money online

School Dinner Money should be paid online by setting up an account on You can also download the School Gateway app to your iPhone.

School times

School starts at 9.00am prompt and it is important that your child is in school on time.  Please try not to arrive before 8.45am as the gate will not be open.

The school day finishes at 3.30pm.  If your child is attending an after-school club it will usually finish at 4.45pm.  You will be informed if there is any variation to this.  It is important that you arrive on time if you are collecting your child from school.

School starts at 8.50am for EYFS (Nursery and Reception classes) and parents are invited in for ‘Stay and Play’ where they can read with their child and have an informal chat with the teachers. This relaxed start to the day helps the children to settle and begin the day on a positive note.

Collecting Children

Please be punctual in bringing your child to school and collecting them at the end of each day. Be sure that your child attends regularly and collect them promptly at 3.30pm.

Each class has a list of who can collect a child.  These are named adults that parents / carers have nominated for their child, it is important we are kept informed of any changes. If for any reason you are late or someone else is collecting your child please ring to let us know.

Absence during term time

The Governors of St Anne’s do not authorise holiday leave during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.  The headteacher has delegated authority to determine whether individual circumstances are exceptional.  It is important that parents / carers seek the school’s permission before booking any flights during term time.

If you are arranging appointments for your children (e.g. dentists) we would be grateful if you could make them outside of school hours (i.e. after 3.45pm).

School dinners

School dinners are cooked on the premises and are available at a standard charge which changes from time to time. Alternatively, your child may bring in a packed lunch. The children are encouraged to eat their school dinner and staff do monitor that they have a reasonable meal at lunchtime. We do not allow either sweets, chocolates, nuts or fizzy drinks as part of packed lunches.

Arrangements are made to ensure that suitable meals are available for children needing special diets for health reasons. If your child needs a special diet you should put your request in writing to the Head.

If a parent wishes to take a child home for lunch the Headteacher must be informed – children’s supervision and safety to and from home at lunchtime is the parent’s responsibility.

If your income falls below a certain limit, meals may be provided free. Application forms for free meals are available from the school office,