Creative Curriculum

At St Anne’s we implement the National Curriculum through cross-curricular learning known as Topic Work. All topics – be it Outer Space in Reception through to Anglo Saxons in Year 6 – are taught across a variety of subjects to ensure that the learning is relevant, meaningful and engaging for children. Each topic weaves together the different subjects so that the learning isn’t just taught through Maths and English, but also through Geography, History, Science, Music, Computing, Art and Drama. As a result of this, children not only acquire knowledge but also have the chance to develop their key skills.

We strive to provide high quality education in exciting and stimulating ways that capture the imagination of our children.  Some of the many ways we achieve this include:

  • specialist visits,
  • workshops,
  • sports coaching,
  • Enrichment groups and much more.

St Anne’s also offers the children the now>press>play programme, a resource where children can become the main character in a story, meet people from ancient history or travel the world all through their own wireless headphones.

All of our students are given the platform to express themselves in a creative manner through an enriched curriculum that seeks to educate the whole child.  We believe that children learn best when the learning is meaningful to them and is connected to their own experiences and lives.